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Innovative engineering simulation for an intelligent-driven future

ICompuAI is a pioneering startup dedicated to revolutionizing the field of computer-aided engineering (CAE) by integrating advanced numerical methods with machine learning techniques. The company is spearheading the development of a groundbreaking simulation device designed for research and development (R&D) monitoring and control applications. This innovation addresses several limitations of traditional simulation methods by providing more accurate, efficient, and adaptive solutions.

Real-time simulation will be available for monitoring and control applications for the first time.

Future Engineering

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When artificial intelligence stands on laws of physics


ICompuAI is an innovative Integrated Computational/Artificial Intelligence method enables you to perform fast and accurate engineering simulation

with controllers and smart devices in a fast, robust, and accurate way that minimizes human efforts.

Fast & Accurate

Our novel technology reduces the size of simulation model and keeps you focusing on the target.

A fast solution can be achieved without compromising with the accuracy.


Thanks to the integration with AI, ICompuAI engineering simulation is less dependent on human effort.

ICompuAI works to evaluate the results and preserves the solution aligned with the physical experience.




It is a dream of anyone who works in engineering and scientific simulation to use a fast CAE solver. ICompuAI is a fast CAE solver that fulfills the dream of researchers and improves their productivity.


The accuracy of numerical solutions has always been a matter of debate. Not anymore, ICompuAI provides a computational solver that takes into account the empirical data to align the solution with the practical observations.

Less dependent on Human

Most of the human effort for CAE simulation is put into setting the numerical model in defining the boundary conditions or when evaluating the results and figuring out that it is required to reconsider the inputs.

Integration with smart devices

ICompuAI introduces for the first time computational simulation that can be run on smart platforms and controllers. A new era of robust monitoring and efficient controlling of engineering systems has started.




ICompuAI was founded with the mission of revolutionizing the way industries develop technologies, products and systems.

We have experience in engineering simulation and know the lacks and limitations of numerical methods.

We are also aware of the tremendous benefits of artificial intelligence but are unsatisfied with how AI methods are utilized.

AI models are built from scratch, even those dedicated to processing physical and engineering problems. AI models neglect accumulated human knowledge and centuries of advances in science and technology!.


Our vision is to provide a  powerful engineering simulation tools that improve the knowledge about the physical world and maximize the performance of engineering systems.

We are trying to rebuild the AI methods on the laws of physics, considering the advances in the computational methods to simulate complicated systems

The integration of computational methods with artificial intelligence results in a revolution for engineering simulation by reducing time and effort, simulating systems with unknown boundary conditions, and allowing smart devices to perform simulation and open a new horizon for control systems.


Our technology for engineering simulation is based on the consolidation of numerical methods with machine-learning techniques that enables to significantly reduce the discretization of the system and simplify the problem. Hence, the solution time dramatically reduces.

For the first time, engineering simulation can be carried out by controllers and smart devices and by any machine that senses the circumstance and is equipped with a simple processor. The horizon of smart devices is now expanded to improve the efficiency of devices in a revolutionary way.


Tel: +61 (3) 90134498

Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia



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